Gems of the Central Coast (Series) – #2: Wild Ginger, Cambria



Moving from Los Angeles to the Central Coast comes with many, many Pros and a few major Cons. The one drawback that hits home the most with me is the lack of cultural diversity and, vicariously, the lack of unique AUTHENTIC foods from other cultures.

Ironically, the lack of abundance has given me an added incentive to venture into the depths of SLO county in search of the most authentic, welcoming and unique international gems.

#2 Gem of Central Coast – Wild Ginger, Cambria 

Cambria, a scenic, coastal town, serves as the gateway to Big Sur. About 30 miles north of San Luis Obispo, Cambria is a prized location known for it’s romantic B&B’s, beautiful Ocean-Front Trail, quaint town filled with small businesses and it’s proximity to wine country.

As you drive into town, quickly look left or you will miss Wild Ginger, an eclectic Pan-Asian restaurant on a corner at the beginning of the main drag.

Wild Ginger


Wearing your active gear? No problem! Wild Ginger is a casual eatery with a handful of high and low tables indoors and patio dinning for those interested in people watching or enjoying a meal with their furry friends.

This is a very peaceful place. It is quiet and decorated with craft and art from throughout Asia. The staff members are very friendly (and I believe the head server is the restauranteur herself). From juicy Samosas to BBQ Pork Noodles to Soft Shell Crab Tempura to Thai Bouillabaisse, there menus is the essence of inclusive dinning.

But among there unique offerings, the dish that will have me coming back again, and again is the Salt + Pepper Calamari Strips (pictured at the top). Addictive would be an understatement! This pan-fried dish is flavored with hints of salt, pepper and Chinese Five Spice, and is accompanied by freshly chopped chillies, orange-infused cranberries and greens.

It’s so good, it’s sacred.

Look out for the #1 Gem of the Central Coast at the end of September!


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