Paso Top Picks: Hana Teriyaki


There’s no good ethnic food in Paso Robles…Right?

Wrong! Nestled amongst wineries, fast-food options, rib joints and high-brow small plates, are a few cultural gems that will satisfy the cultural wanderer within.

Hana Teriyaki is a family run joint that specializes in Korean, Japanese- and American-Comfort food. Their eclectic spread makes this place an ideal option for families with differing palettes. 

The service is a cut above the rest and food quality is consistently top-grade. A family of four with contrasting cravings of Beef Bulgogi, a Tuna Melt, Ramen and a Bur-Wich (Burger Sandwich) can all eat at the same table without shamefully bringing food from four different restaurants into one establishment.

Great food, wonderful people and unique fusion — that’s all I need. On your next trip to wine country, forget frills or the open table reservation app. Treat yourself to this quirky, casual gem.

3 thoughts on “Paso Top Picks: Hana Teriyaki

  1. Hey, I’m a food blogger who recently relocated to the Paso area for the summer. I saw your Yelp for Hana Teriyaki and had to check out your blog. In your Yelp review, you seemed to imply that they will actually fill a jar with homemade kimchi! Can this really be so?! It sounds to good to be true but I’m super excited to hear your response! – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

    1. Thanks for your comments and welcome to Paso! This is my favorite place in Paso, hands done. I’m not sure if they will fill just any jar with their homemade kimchi for you but, YES! you can order a half or full (gallon) jar of the kimchi and if you bring the container they give you with the initial order back for a refill, you get a discount!

      I’ll check out your blog too. Nice to see like minds on the central coast.

      In Peace,


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