I Smile At Thai Smile

What food makes you smile? Is it a new experience or a familiar comfort? A hidden gem or a touted hotspot?

For me, it’s food that brings back a memory of a joyous time in my life. Beyond the mere food experience, Palm Springs is my happy place — the place I go to in my mind when the anxieties of life take hold.

I am lucky to have the dream come to reality this weekend as I enjoy a stay with my Grandmother in the Desert which is much overdue.

We enjoyed our first meal out at Thai Smile of Rancho Mirage. What’s in a name? Well, in this case, just about everything!

We ordered the screaming duck, fish sho shee (a lightly battered monstrous filet in a mixed vegetable curry), and fresh spring rolls.

To wash it all done, I ordered a Beer Lao. As far as I am aware this is the only beer exported from Laos and it comes in regular and dark lager.

This place is a cultural mirage in the middle of the desert. A nice accent to invaluable time spent with my beloved.

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