Clover Bakery of San Jose: This Is Why I Love Japan!


Wandering through what has now become my favorite strip mall last weekend, we came upon a true San Jose gem.

No yelping or media referencing took place, it was chance that brought me to the Clover Bakery. We nearly walked straight past, but stutter-stepped after seeing (1) a great number of people inside and (2) dangerous concoctions near the entry such as Yakisoba and Spaghetti bread (pictured above).

For all of those counting points, carbs or calories, this is definitely not your type of place. The folks at clover bakery have managed to put nearly every Japanese and American comfort food atop a piece of delicious, slightly sweet, Japanese bread.

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There is nothing in the world I like better than Japan’s version of “soul food”. Whether it’s Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Yakisoba or Curry, I am left with a permanent grin for the rest of the day. The flavors are bold, yet balanced. Savory, yet somehow sweet. While hearty and indulgent, they do not leave my stomach weighted down for hours.


A few minutes on the trainer clears my conscience.

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