Best of Paso: Mt. Olive Organic Farm [Duck Egg Burger, Homemade Dumplings + Shiso Tea]


Amidst the fine wineries which adorn the hillside of North Paso’s Adelaida Rd, rests a humble and peaceful organic farm, Mount Olive.

Organic olives, fruits, vegetables, composting tools and farm-fresh eggs — all on site and ready for purchase.



At the market and restaurant, patrons can purchase a wide variety of organics goods, most of which are grown and/or made on the property. From freshly made fruit nougat to organic olive tapanades to freshly baked breads to exotic seasonal ingredients (i.e., Shiso), Mt. Olive is equipped to satisfy most of your grocery needs.

This past weekend, we stopped by for lunch at the front end of a wine-hopping journey [perks of living in SLO County]. Dare I say…BEST LUNCH IN PASO? While Justin, Artisan and Thomas Hill are great eats,  from my mouth to Edesia’s ears, the food at Mt. Olive is beyond compare. Sure the ambiance is humble and home-like; but, in this case, that’s just how I wanted it.



At Mt. Olive, the focus is on serving the highest quality, seasonal ingredients — most of which have traveled no more than a basket carry to arrive on my plate. It’s just that simple: fresh + local + seasonal = supreme.

Duck Egg Burger

Duck Egg Burger on House-Baked Bun: First time having a duck egg in any preparation and I am definitely sold. It’s yoke-driven flavor and perfect seasoning made me forget completely that there was no other protein involved. The egg and veg served as great compliments to the finish of the freshly cooked bread. I can’t remember ever having a better carb! Not in SF, not in Italy, not anywhere!


To wash down the juicy burger I ordered a true Mt. Olive Original — Shiso Tea. If you love Shiso, Japan’s version of Basil, you will fall head-over-heals for this unique brew. It is made simply from Shiso (grown on site), purified water and organic brown cane sugar.


Chicken Potstickers: Made fresh with organic produce, these dumplings are pillows of heaven on a plate. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them to the soup dumplings of LA or SF which we have tried; however, as far as gyoza-style dumplings go, these are some of the best I have every had.

Whether you live on the central coast or are visiting from out of town, Mt. Olive serves up a lunch that is not to be missed.



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